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The cloud.Topic class represents a subject of data that is open for subscription.

Topics are a staple of event-driven architectures, especially those that rely on pub-sub messaging to decouple producers of data and the consumers of said data.


Creating a topic

bring cloud;

let topic = new cloud.Topic();

Subscribing to a topic

bring cloud;

let topic = new cloud.Topic();

topic.onMessage(inflight (message: str) => {
log("Topic published message: ${message}");

Publishing to a topic

The inflight method publish sends a message to all of the topic's subscribers.

bring cloud;

let topic = new cloud.Topic();

inflight () => {
topic.publish("Hello World!");

Simple pub-sub example

Here is an example of combining the preflight and inflight apis for a topic and creating an adorable simple pub-sub application.

bring cloud;

// First we create a topic
let topic = new cloud.Topic();

// Then we define a consumer inflight handler
let consumerHandler = inflight(message: str) => {
log("Doing some work with message: ${message}");

// Now we can use a preflight method of topic to register the consumer handler
// to be invoked when a message is published to the topic.

// Then we define the producer inflight handler
let publisherHandler = inflight () => {
// Here we use the inflight api to publish a message to the topic.
topic.publish("Here are those launch codes you asked for.");

// Finally we can use multiple resources to invoke our publisher handler
// for simplicity sake we will just use a function.
new cloud.Function(publisherHandler);

Target-specific details

Simulator (sim)

Within the context of the simulator, topics are implemented by keeping an in-memory list of subscribers and publishing messages to them when publish is called.

AWS (tf-aws and awscdk)

AWS implementations of cloud.Topic use AWS SNS.

Azure (tf-azure)

Tracking issue: #621

GCP (tf-gcp)

Tracking issue: #620

API Reference

The full list of APIs for cloud.Topic is available in the API Reference.