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The cloud.Bucket resource represents a container for storing data in the cloud.

Buckets are a common way to store arbitrary files (images, videos, etc.), but can also be used to store structured data like JSON or CSV files.

Buckets in the cloud use object storage, which is optimized for storing large amounts of data with high availability. Unlike other kinds of storage like file storage, data is not stored in a hierarchical structure, but rather as a flat list of objects, each associated with a key.


Defining a bucket

bring cloud;

let bucket = new cloud.Bucket(
public: true, // optional, defaults to `false`

Populating objects during deployment

If you have static data that you want to upload to the bucket each time your app is deployed, you can call the preflight method addObject:

bring cloud;

let bucket = new cloud.Bucket();

bucket.addObject("my-file.txt", "Hello, world!");

Using a bucket inflight

bring cloud;

let bucket = new cloud.Bucket();

inflight () => {
bucket.put("file.txt", "Hello, world!");
bucket.putJson("person.json", Json { name: "Alice" });

let fileData = bucket.get("file.txt");
assert(fileData == "Hello, world!");

let jsonData = bucket.getJson("person.json");
assert(jsonData.get("name") == "Alice");

let keys = bucket.list();
assert( == "file.txt");
assert( == "person.json");


Run code on bucket events

You can use the preflight methods onCreate, onUpdate, and onDelete to define code that should run when an object is uploaded, updated, or removed from the bucket.

Each method creates a new cloud.Function resource which will be triggered by the given event type.

let store = new cloud.Bucket();
let copies = new cloud.Bucket() as "Backup";

store.onCreate(inflight (key: str) => {
let data = store.get(key);
if !key.endsWith(".log") {
copies.put(key, data);

store.onDelete(inflight (key: str) => {
log("Deleted " + key);

Target-specific details

Simulator (sim)

Under the hood, the simulator uses a temporary local directory to store bucket data.

Note that bucket data is not persisted between simulator runs.

AWS (tf-aws and awscdk)

The AWS implementation of cloud.Bucket uses Amazon S3.

Azure (tf-azure)

The Azure implementation of cloud.Bucket uses Azure Blob Storage.

GCP (tf-gcp)

The Google Cloud implementation of cloud.Bucket uses Google Cloud Storage.

API Reference

The full list of APIs for cloud.Bucket is available in the API Reference.